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L2Crest Official Low Rate Server Opening at 06-10-2018 - 200 Euro Event on Rune

  After many hours of hard work, we are proudly presenting you Lineage 2 Crest that will launch this year, on 6th of October! We guarantee, you will have fun in our server without having to compete with – prepaid – clans or GM friends and corruption. We have seen this is happening a lot […]

Read more Thomas_kaliviotis -->INSTAGRAM Challenger Eune ,D2 61lp west Road to Master Midlaner (Educational -Tryhard) έλα πασάκο μου να περάσουμε την ώρα μας ωραία όπως κάθε φορά η καλύτερη παρέα , στριμάκι μέχρι αργά το βράδυ 😎🤔🤗

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Server will be online at 27/4/2018 20:00 GMT +2 DON’T MISS IT! Website: Forum: I decided to open a Interlude PvP Server. Server it’s based on Java platform. There is a friendly team to help you with anything you need in-game. Please respect our work and enjoy the game. Always respect the other […]

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