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Top 100 lineage 2 servers for the season of 2019.

Hello great player and welcome to our community.As you know from many years before a lot of people around the world like to play l2,but the most important thing on this is that a lot of people like to play this game on private servers and no on officials servers.We ask them their opinion about […]

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Lineage 2 Mad

  Main information: Classic Interlude server. Rates: EXP/SP x1200, Adena x500 (At the main locations Ketra/Varka and Dino x1000). All characters appear on level 20 with top D-Grade equipment and receive 15 million Adena, the profession is taken for free. Conversion skills Adena/Gold Bar, as well as Noblesse Blessing and Block Buff are given while creating a character. The duration of the […]

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