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L2Mafia Ken Abigail Classic PvP Project 16-06-2018!

    Hello Maxcheaters community, Most of you already know us, most of you have played on our servers! L2Mafia is a private Lineage 2 Network with different kind of servers and today I’m here to present you another legendary server of L2Mafia Network, Ken Abigail     Website: http://www.l2mafia.net/ Ken Abigail: https://l2mafia.net/kenabigail/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2mafia.net/   Server Rates » […]

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How To Make Custom Skill Icons & Item Icons For Your Lineage 2 Server [Lineage 2 Tutorial]


Hi again all, today i will show you how to make custom icons. Go to internet and download any custom icons from other games. I have already downloaded so now i will open the pic with photoshop. Now go to file > new On widith and hight write 32 then press ok now go back […]

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How to Make Loading Screen & Starting Image Logo For Your Lineage 2 Server [Lineage 2 Tutorial]


Hi all! Today i will sho you how to make loading screen. First to go systextures and copy this file. ( L2Font-e.utx ) Now open your l2 tool. Now follow my steps When you open the file click the drop button as you can see it have a lot textures, so the easier way to […]

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